Request an Appointment or Advice from a Doctor

You can request advice and treatment in the following ways

  • Completing our Request Advice From a Clinician form and providing details of the issue you need help with. We will review this information on the same day and either provide advice or arrange an appointment with the clinician who is best suited to help you. This may be a GP, clinical pharmacist or other health professional. This route is only appropriate for non-urgent clinical issues.
  • Calling the surgery on 020 7619 6670 and speaking to one of our care navigators who will ask you a few questions to help them decide how best we can help you and to direct you to an appointment with the most appropriate health professional where necessary. They may also signpost you to other local and community services if an appointment is not required depending on the issue.

You can find out more about our appointment system on the Appointments page.